High quality websites adapted for mobile devices using (yes, really) the most up to date technology. We have specialists for multiple CMS platforms, such as Magento, Joomla or WordPress, to display or sell products or services.

We create unique graphic concepts suited to your project. Our team of professional artists has a vast experience with the web, ;this will reflect in the graphic quality of your final project.

Online Marketing specialists in : Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Adwords, Social Media. The SEO search engines optimisations comply with the google recommendations. Results worth milloions of euros acknowledged by our customers. First places on Google search guaranteed !

Web programming, as well as designing specialised apps that comply to your requirements. We collaborate with 7 web developers with expwrience in PHP, .Net, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5

Mobile apps using iOS, Android si Windows. Being among the first Romanian Xamarin developers, we can offer you mobile apps at competitive prices, for all 3 platforms specified in the complete pack.

Web hosting : over 1 million viewers every month with 99.9% up time. 24/7 web hosting support. Post-sale services for site mentenance. Web copywriter : conception and wording of texts. Logo design : (icon creation), print materials and complete visual identity for your company.
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which solve everyday problems in companies

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

Under this generic name are usually gathered entire suite of applications: CRM = Customer Service; SRM = Procurement; PLM = Production; SCM = Distribution; Accounting; Sales; HR; BI = Business Intelligence; Ecommerce, B2B = Business to Business and others.

http://www.endd.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/CERC-CHART-ERP-2-EN-300×300.pngIf you are interested, read more!

Some examples developed
of the End Soft Design team:

Popp&Asociatii and Decathlon – HR – HR testing platform
SMITS – PLM – Production line management in a metal fabrication factory.
Decathlon – ERP – Business management application
RaoBooks is an example of a creative website connected to SAP ERP.

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Subscription costs vary depending on the number of monthly interventions, the required response time, the number of hours allocated monthly, dedicated contacts, etc.

However, none of them remains unanswered, as long as it is not confused with spam (we do not reply to spam).

We answer to any request within 8 working hours.

IICCMER requested End Soft Design’s services to implement a new design for its main website www.iiccmer.ro. We made this choice among several offers as noticed the seriousness and involvement of the team from the prospecting stage. The quality-price ratio, compliance with the set deadlines and the promptness of resolving unforeseen problems confirmed that it was an inspired decision.

Professionalism, immediateness, but especially flexibility. Those are the things we looked for when we chose to work with END Soft. We have found these qualities in them and they have been confirmed to us over a collaboration that has lasted for more than 3 years. Our collaboration with END Soft exists on multiple fields: creating customized sites (www.ih.ro and www.englezacopii.ro), adwords services, creating and developing an assessment platform for students.

We have found understanding in customizing services to fulfill our needs, assisting with any kind of required issues related to the maintenance / improvement of websites and solving the requests in due time.

Synevo Romania and ENDD have been working together for over 8 years and our collaboration has been a real success.  We found a partner in the ENDD team; they helped us create beautiful and innovative projects. Enthusiasm, flexibility and dedication are words that characterize them perfectly.

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