Webmail is a method of accessing your e-mail box from anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or on the road, in another city or in another country.

Google Plus One

This plugin inserts Google + 1 Button in your site from the Dashboard. No code necessary!

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Automatic Plugins

I started work with WordPress 7 months ago. My first contact with this CMS was to download it and to install some plugins. I did not modify anything in PHP code. I found some intersting plugins, but not very much themes supported that plugins.

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Sub Categorizer Widget

I noticed that there was no widget that would allow me to simply show sub categories of a category…

Custom Excerpt

This is just a simple function that we use internally to customize the length and way the excerpt is shown in various places in a theme. We have also used this in some of our plugins that we will be presenting here so that is why we decided to provide this among the others.

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Xmail – The right way

Since lots of people experience the soon to be classic good mail into Spam folder problem and among them ourselves, we decided to find a way to fix it. After numerous days and tests we found the best way to send emails so it follows all the guidelines and security requirements of the major email providers like Google, yahoo! and MSN.

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Seo glossary

Seo glossary What is it? What does it mean? We will try to unravel the meaning of most terms used … Mai mult

Web Related Issues

We thought to share with you everything we study and learn on the net. In this section, we will try … Mai mult