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I started work with WordPress 7 months ago. My first contact with this CMS was to download it and to install some plugins. I did not modify anything in PHP code. I found some intersting plugins, but not very much themes supported that plugins.

I think that this is a big problem for people wich do not know PHP, but wich want that theirs site to look nice.

This two plugins help you to add very necessary modules in your theme. So, you don’t need to know programming. With few mouse clicks you can add one of this plugins in your theme.

Supported plugins:

  1. qTranslate *
  2. WP Page Navi
  3. WP Print
  4. WP Post Ratings

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* qTranslate is available only in the PRO version.

7 thoughts on “Automatic Plugins”

  1. What is the usage? I cannot find anything and it didn’t magically worked…at least with the plugin I want to.

    I’m afraid that WP Post Ratings isn’t compatible with my theme -yootheme catalyst- because wp-content/themes/catalyst/index.php it’s a dummy file and it doesn’t has the string

    Any tip?

  2. When this plugin is activated I have problems with the JSON-API plugin. It is echoing the content of a post, where I just want to receive the content of the post for JSON processing. After de-activating your plugin, everything went smoothly again.

  3. Hi, just to confirm the same problem reported by PeterG. All plugins work fine until “Automatic Plugins” is activated. Then all shortcodes in all pages and posts cease to work. Then deactivate “Automatic Plugins” and all the shortcodes spring to life again.


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