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Since lots of people experience the soon to be classic good mail into Spam folder problem and among them ourselves, we decided to find a way to fix it. After numerous days and tests we found the best way to send emails so it follows all the guidelines and security requirements of the major email providers like Google, yahoo! and MSN.

So what ix Xmail?

Xmail is a PHP class that can send an email in 3 diffrent ways:

1. via the old fashion PHP standard function called mail()

2. via a SMTP account (one of the most spread alternative)

3. direct connection to the receiver MX server (the best way)

Why is this the best way?

Each server that is hosting websites has multiple IP’s.

In 99% of the cases the main server IP is different the the IP used for the domains hosted on it so your domain has one IP and the emails you sned go out from another IP (main server IP). If among the people useing the server there are those that send out regular newsletters or even a bit of SPAM, you suffer as well since your emails go out from the same IP.

Some servers have an option to send out emails from the account IP but that only applies to SMTP method so you should try it.

If that fails it means it is not the case on your server and the only thing left is to use the MX method cause it does not rely on any other service in the server. It’s pure PHP and will always use your site’s IP.

Note: You should also contact your hosting provider and ask him to activate Domain Keys and SPF for your domain.

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