CallPage Romania services

CallPage is more than a callback solution.

CallPage allows you to acquire potential customers and automatically connect them to the sales department within 28 seconds.

Increase the number of leads gained from the website by 35-120% without any additional advertising expenses.

You can contact us by phone and email,
our comprehensive knowledge base is also available whenever you need it.

Start increasing your leads and revenue today!

Get a 7-day free trial now, set up the widget on your site, and see how many more leads you can capture with CallPage.

Buy or cancel anytime!

No credit card required.

10 minutes set up.

7 days fully-features free trial.

Why is it worth to use CallPage?

Phone and email support

Reporting and training


Increase the website conversion rate by 35-120% with a help of lead acquisition system.

Improvement of NPS(1) index with the immediate support and thank-you SMS.

Increase the number of the closed deals with a Lead Response Time(2) reduction.

More control over the sales process with full analytics and conversation recordings.

More than 1500 big and small businesses work with CallPage

CallPage is an international, growing SaaS company which started to operate on the Polish market in 2015 with an office in Cracow. Currently, we have customers in 55 countries.

Callpage customers


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Key Features of the System

Immediate conversation

The user visiting your website enters the phone number, and CallPage connects him with an active advisor in your company. The whole process takes just a few seconds.

Conversation on a scheduled time

If the user cannot have a conversation in this particular moment there is a possibility to schedule a phone call. Before the conversation the CallPage system will send an SMS to both advisor and user regarding the phone call.

After working hours mode

This mode gives users the opportunity to order a call during the working hours of your consultants. The system will connect the user with your employee at the selected time when the advisor is in the office.

Personalization of the design and text

You can freely edit the design of the widget, matching it to the design of your website. The content of Call To Action can also be adapted to your business goals.

Selection of department to contact

User will be able to choose a specific department in your company, so the potential client will be immediately connected with the right person.

Possibility to leave a text message

The user can also contact you in the form of a message. The message will appear on the panel and the advisor will receive an SMS to respond as quickly as possible.

Advanced reports and data available in the CallPage dashboard give  thorough information about your lead generation and sales processes.

Over 50 integrations with CRM systems and zapier connection that allows customers to connect with more than  4,000 tools.

Widget suitable for a mobile. The widget is fully responsive and adapts to the screen size.

Choose the best plan for your sales team.

Tariff plans

Starter plan

Basic +

For small teams who want to generate more leads


0 per month, paid monthly

Up to 10 leads (calls) €0/month
+ 45 leads (calls) €25/month

What’s included:

1 domain with CallPage widget

1 owner’s access

unlimited call operators

1 integration

Key features:

Automatic CallBack in 28 seconds

Scheduled calls and lead generation outside business hours

Leave a message

Meetings Scheduling

Basic widget customization

Access to API and integrations

Most Popular


For scaling your business with powerfull lead capture tool

paid monthly

129 € per month, paid monthly

Up to 150 leads (calls) / month

What’s included:

2 domains with CallPage widgets

2 sub-accounts

unlimited call operators

5 integrations

6 scoring rules

Everything in Basic +, plus:

Advanced widget customization and call settings

Lead detection by the scoring system

Custom SMS follow ups, voice messages and Sender ID

Virtual Numbers and Call Center Software

Call Tracking Software


For larger companies that require flexible approach

paid monthly

329 € per month, paid monthly

Up to 400 callbacks / month

What’s included:

5 domains with CallPage widget

5 sub-accounts

unlimited call operators

unlimited integrations

unlimited scoring rules

Everything in Professional, plus:

Full widget customization via CSS

Unlimited lead detection by the scoring system

Tooltip customization

Button customization (your own button, changing button position, setting button time)

Dedicated success manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial version work?

You install the widget on your website and receive calls for 7 days. Then you decide whether you want to continue cooperation. After the trial period, you can resign from cooperation without any obligations, switch to a paid plan, or use the free version of the application.

What is successful inbound call?

An inbound call is a call made by your rep when your potential customers use the CallPage widget. Consider an ‘inbound call’ as a lead with whom you can have a conversation. We don’t count calls shorter than 10 seconds.

How to install CallPage on my website?

There are several available installation methods to choose from. You can use CMS plugins (e.g. for WordPress), Google Tag Manager or copy/paste the installation code directly into your site’s code. Once you sign up for a free account, you will receive detailed instructions.

Do I need credit card to use CallPage?

You do not need to add a credit card to start your free trial. However, you will need a card to sign up for the subscription plan.

Do you have free version of the software?

Yes, we do have a limited free version of the tool (Basic version). It has features from Basic + plan, but with limited to 10 number of successful calls. The length of the calls is also limited to 2 minutes.

What if someone tries to spam my widget?

This is a difficult thing to do, but we have created blacklist features, available on all plans. It works with IP addresses and phone numbers.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time.

Get a 7-day free trial now, set up the widget on your site, and see how many more leads you can capture with CallPage.

Increase your website conversion rate up to 75%