Computer services

Consulting and information technology services

End Soft Design provides consulting, on-site maintenance and complete service for customers, in the SMB segment on the IT market.

Our company offers:

-IT services for the companies – these include quality consultancy, IT projects, IT hardware and software maintenance, networking, structured maintenance data and telephony networks, administration and maintenance of professional equipment, network management and maintenance of data bases, IT hardware and software, internet, web and mail hosting, dedicated hosting, Server Administration, DNS records for IPS, network securityVPN, data backup and recovery; emergency interventions take place within 2 hours, the normal within 6 hours after application;



•IT investment strategies for small and medium sized companies;

•complex solutions for medium-sized companies-including management and services of the type “allday”;

•search technology-new products and technologies that fit your business and your market segment. Someone, somewhere, might have already invented a solution for your company;

•monitoring emerging technologies-new technologies tracking and sending the newsletter on your mail;

•will give you the necessary advice and help you make decisions about your company’s IT investment and what technologies to use in order to minimize risks;

•IT training on demand- so the employees will work at their maximum capacity;

•proposals for internal IT policies for employees;


Design and implementation of converged networks

•projects for converged networks;

•consulting for existing projects;

•implementation at the highest level of quality of projects;

•distribution of passive and active network;



Maintenance of software and hardware for workstations

•We offer the best IT expertise – a young and intelligent team with experience in this field will be available;

•Hardware maintenance;

•Installation, configuration and maintenance of software;

•Distribution of hardware and software products;


Management servers

•Distribution server components and equipment;

•Implementing active directory structure and domain;

•The Management server (s), error detection and update software;

•Management of network servers including: DNS, web hosting, clustering, NAS management, SAN management, firewall, VPN-ing and secure server (s);


Specific network services

•hosting your own server in data-processing Park;

•administration of DNS servers;

•registration of domains and IP addresses management road map;

•secure networks;

•VPN configurations;

•Configuring CISCO equipment (routers, switches, Wireless equipment management);

Rescue services and data restoration

•data rescue services scheduled at regular intervals;

•restore and recover data from various storage media;

•repair, maintenance and recovery databases;

For a personalized offer please contact us using the contact form or at the telephone numbers from the contact page. A representative End Soft Design will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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