Craft CMS multisite

Add websites to your business

CRAFT CMS – Simpler and faster process created for multiple websites.

CRAFT is the flexible and modern platform that quickly adapts to the best solutions. It is a dynamic and updated CMS to manage multiple websites, all through a single and simple Craft installation.

Why choose Craft CMS?

One of the most secure and easy to access platforms available on the market right now.

Visual system easy to customize according to the site’s needs.

A website built correctly with CRAFT ensures speed and mobility in a web page.

Easy to use and compatible with well-known online platforms (for marketing, sales, etc.).


Website visibility and performance.

Content tailored according to language, location and unlimited sites.

Flexibility through a customized design.

Content you customize

Control panel translated into 25 languages.

Do you have several websites under management?
You can manage them all from a single Craft installation.

Flexibility, control and comfort for several websites managed at the same time. Once installed, the CRAFT platform punctually manages all the needs of the websites from the same place.

Do you want to manage your content the way you want without being restricted by installed themes?

Craft offers the ability to customize the design.

CRAFT does not impose restrictions on the themes chosen and allows you to customize the content according to the promoted services. CRAFT provides you with a customized and optimized design for each individual element. You will notice an intuitive interface, easy to use, but also a correct administration panel exposed with only the elements you need.

Want upload speed?

Image Optimization – One of the best things that Craft brings.

Loading speed is a major advantage of using CRAFT. Any visit to your business website will be much easier for online visitors to manage. CRAFT allows you to optimize your images for better visibility in the online environment.

Trusted by top
global brands.

We can help you to enjoy the benefits of CRAFT.

We are constantly looking for advantageous and efficient solutions for your business development. Together we analyze, discuss and implement ideas that will help you enjoy long-term success. Together we build a personalized service for each individual client.