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If you are looking for a team to lead an entire online store design and development process, we would be happy to help.


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We develop stores using the WordPress platform, which offers almost unlimited possibilities to meet all your functionality requirements.

Whether you’ve fully completed a design or have a new project and need a team to turn it into a fully functional, responsive web store, the End Soft Design team can help. We have been developing online stores on WordPress (the world’s most popular content management system) for over a decade, using the Woocommerce methodology for cart management. E-commerce projects are carried out in the woocommerce methodology to engage the client in the decision-making process and to ensure maximum control over project resources.


We successfully use CRAFT CMS, a flexible and modern platform where multiple websites can be managed.

The e-commerce sites we build aren’t just limited to WordPress.
What does this mean to you?
We keep up with the latest tools, follow best practices, and won’t learn these things at your expense.

The advantages of an online store

Reduced costs with the staff, rent, logistics, etc.

Open non-stop for buyers (you don’t miss any sale).

Quick order processing, stock tracking.

Quickly adding / removing products based on performance or stock.

We build customized filter systems.

We develop reporting modules specific to each business (on request).

Import and export of products in Excel/Csv.

We implement any payment system in Romania or abroad.

Some examples of stores built by our team


The online store offers a wide range of products such as home and office furniture, both standard and custom-made.

Horeca Distribution

Online store for which we provided front-end and back-end web development with various elements custom implemented for this project.

Stil Ambalaj

The new Stil Ambalaj website is actually a B2B platform interconnected with the internal CRM and accounting platform.

Rao Books

A spectacular online store by linking an ecommerce on the WordPress platform with SAP ERP. Two top performing search options for the project are active on the website. One on the red tape all over the website and providing instant results on various categories of information (book name, author, etc.). The other in the authors area offers a very fast, real-time filtering for authors only.


Creating the website was a challenge in that it includes the presentation of products as well as their marketing, the responsive website can be viewed in excellent conditions, regardless of the size of the devices it is accessed from.

Synevo – Custom Lab Test Bundles

Another interesting way to sell products and create promotions where users can calculate their body mass index by generating prevention lab tests packages based on everyone’s profile at a low price.

Request a customized offer!

In order to send you a quotation, we need to understand as well as possible your project, to which we add various suggestions gathered from the experience gained so far.