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ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

Under this generic name are usually gathered entire suite of applications: CRM = Customer Service; SRM = Procurement; PLM = Production; SCM = Distribution; Accounting; Sales; HR; BI = Business Intelligence; ecommerce and others.


Why ERP?

Usually a company needs some of the modules offered by an ERP. And success depends on the implementation and customization of ERP. For this reason, often, the choice of a customized ERP solution is ideal at the expense of the general variants, suitable for everyone.


Who can opt for custom software?

Especially in these times, digitizing a business is no longer a fad. Many organizations have chosen to purchase or develop software to optimize their business, centralize information, and reduce labor costs. Absolutely any type of company can use specialized software to improve business processes: production, distribution, hospitality, IT, construction, HR, health, etc. With these tools, any business must organize its staff, customers, products and services, invoices, orders, offers and much more. All these things can be done with the help of various software platforms.


Advantages and Benefits

A customized software that can be molded on the business activity can bring a major added value within the company. First of all, you can automate regular and tedious tasks and thus save time for higher value-added activities. Another advantage is that it eliminates redundant tasks such as entering information, but also automated calculations according to the needs of a company.


Production line management in a metal fabrication factory


HR testing platform


Enterprise Resource Planning application


Application for testing and recommending analyzes by lifestyle


National air conditioning network service management platform


PLM – Factory production line management.

Our customer wanted an application in which to centralize all products and all customers in order to generate offers much faster and correlate them with the production process.


HR – Testing platform

Our client, a design, geotechnical engineering, project and construction management company, offers a dedicated internship program for specialized students. The company thus supports the professional development of young people, demonstrating again the openness to the student environment, the company’s ability to train professionals, the level of experience of mentors and last but not least the availability and desire to allocate resources for such programs.


ERP – Business management application

The application created for the Roumasport customer is a very complex application that centralizes all customer locations and stores.


Custom software for testing and analysis recommendation by lifestyle

The purpose of this application is to recommend a recommended analysis package depending on the test result. The test was created with the help of medical specialists and implemented with the help of our programmers.


National air conditioning network service management platform

The purpose of this application is to monitor, manage and process all electronic requirements. The application also provides a report for each customer, for each employee and for each piece of equipment with the history of events on each one.

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