We engage in practical training programs for students

We have had fruitful collaborations for several years already with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and the Lillebaelt University in Denmark.

The fields of training for which we provide internships are PHP programming, website development on WordPress in particular CSS, HTML and PHP, respectively Graphic Design and Online Marketing, a rather interesting field of training.

Last years, for example, End Soft Design actively participated in the school program ”Din Scoala Hai sa ne pregatim pentru o viata activa!”, acronym SHIVA, which covered students’ summer practice.

In training programs, the participating students have the opportunity to acquire teamwork skills, skills specific to the practice field they pursue, as well as optimal management of resources (time) to achieve a higher level of quality when completing the target assigned to their team.

Being the first contact with a job, the internship offered by our company prepares students to relate to other team members, to ask for support, to find solutions, to come up with ideas, to objectively appreciate the effort required to achieve the intended objectives, but also to appreciate the quality of the finished product.

We are getting better and better
As a consequence of these programs, quantification of feedback from our learners helps us improve our training strategy, become better with each interned group prepared.

Selection of students
We reserve the right to select the students taking part in the Internship. In this sense, you need to go through some tests and an interview. Sign up early, send a CV via email and details about the desired Internship.

Training program
Usually, the training program consists of 3 months of unpaid work in our team. After each Internship period, some of the participants remained as employees in our team.

The feedback of the students
who have done the internship with us

An excellent team, challenging projects and respect for customers. These are the first experiences felt in the Endd atmosphere. Speaking of learning, I have learned a lot of new skills related to programming and the way in which a project has to be viewed and thought; I have learned that anything, however small it may be, should be treated with the utmost seriousness. All of them together made me understand what Gabi meant by saying “If you like what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” and I’m sure I will keep in touch with EndSoftDesign and maybe we will work together in the future for a few Projects.
P.S: I will recommend this company to anyone who needs a good and trusted internship.

Paul-Daniel Savlovschi – University College of Nordjylland Danemarca

The End Soft Design practice was a unique and beautiful experience for me. During these three months, we have worked on various projects, each with a different degree of difficulty. During this time, I started to have more courage and to have more control when implementing a website from scratch. I have consolidated my HTML and CSS knowledge for the design part of the website, but at the same time I also got to work in Javascript and Jquery, programming languages ??that I did not master before the internship, and as backend I worked in PHP. End Soft Design is a family. I can say that things are done here with seriousness and professionalism, but there is also time for fun. I really enjoyed the mood in the office , which is not at all rigid and monotonous. The internship at End Soft Design made me realize how much I want to have a career in this field.

Monica Radu – Politehnica University of Bucharest

I want to thank you for your chance to work with the EndSoft team and learn so much about what it means to be a web developer. Thanks again to all your colleagues for accepting me in your team for this internship.

Klauss Brauner – University College of Nordjylland Danemarca

I liked the most that we were warmly welcomed by the other colleagues and we were integrated from the first day in the team, which helped me a lot in my personal development, because now I know what it means to do part of a team. I liked the fact that I had a mentor who gave me the freedom to explore, to try, to make mistakes, to spoil, to learn as much as possible. In the end I would always ask him for help and he offered me the best solution. He taught me to think about optimal solutions, to work as efficiently and as organized as possible. So, as a conclusion, I can say I was lucky to have done my internship here. I liked the End Soft family.

Maria DumitruPolitehnica University of Bucharest

From the first day I was welcomed with professionalism but also with great warmth. Here I found a united team and a pleasant atmosphere. I was a little scared seeing how professionally and quickly people were doing their work and how much they would accomplish in one day. You were all very kind to me and you helped me feel good and integrated into your team, I learned to appreciate you. You are a united, beautiful group, you are like a family that can be trusted. I liked it and I hope I can also work in the future with such a wonderful team. I will not forget you and I hope I can visit you from time to time. I will warmly recommend your company whenever I can.

Andreea Elena StuhuletUniversitatea Lillebaelt, Danemarca

About the collective: It was very OK to work here in the EndSoft environment … there is a relaxed atmosphere, my colleagues are very open, joking, relaxed. About the mentor: we got along very well … she’s really a good mentor … and I realize it’s a big advantage to be helped by someone when you’re a beginner. She helped me a lot in these three months. About the project: It was interesting to work on your project, I learned a lot of cool stuff. Overall, those were 3 beautiful months. Before I came, I did not expect to be like this … I thought you were just some corporate people that didn’t find a job in Pipera (haha), but I quickly changed my mind … and integrated well.

Dan Geafer – Politehnica University of Bucharest

Right after I entered End Soft, while waiting to take the PHP test, I just looked around the hall and liked the vibe. I luked most the fact that the headquarters is open-space because there is always a pleasant vibe, people joke, we can talk to each other. The mentor always helped me when I needed his help, even if it was a minor thing, he always took time to explain me. As far as my professional development is concerned, I can say that I have learned many things. I have strenghtened my PHP and Mysql knowledge and I also learned Css. I know you may also expect some criticism, but to me all things are ok, I was very pleased with the time spent here.

Mădălina Andreescu – Politehnica University of Bucharest

The practice period was a new experience to me, and there was a lot to learn from it. People are the ones who make this place valuable and that’s what I discovered at End Soft. I was surrounded by open people willing to help me, even the mentor who helped me understand what a programmer’s job implies. I was surprised in a pleasant way from the very beginning by the atmosphere in which I’ve been working for 3 months.

Claudiu Manta – Politehnica University of Bucharest

I had a pleasant experience in this company, due to the fact that we are several colleagues, from different departments sharing a single room, with different ideas or points of view. I had the opportunity to learn little things about certain programming issues, some techniques for promoting some products. I love that you are energetic and that the understanding and relaxed attitude between all the employees makes for an environment conducive to creativity/productivity and I think that each of us (students) fit in quite easily.

Laurențiu Stanca – Politehnica University of Bucharest

Once upon a time there was the mysterious world called “ENDD”. And in this world an amazing event happened, there came four travelers seeking peace under the Sun. Each one was unique and differed in desires and capabilities, but they all had one thing in common – they came from the same world, the student world. They were received well, and even from the first moments they received a place to live and tools for work. Some were glad of the arrival of the travelers, but the mentor was most glad, and soon showed his affection by wanting to work with them in a garden. The fence was big, and other locals came to help. The work was pleasant and had beautiful fruits. The travelers were happy that they had finally found an occupation in these lands, but look, the time is approaching when their traveler’s visa expires, and only the emperor will be able to decide who to give a bulletin to so that he can stay in the beautiful ENDD world.

Victor Locoman – Politehnica University of Bucharest

Only positive things, nothing negative. For a first internship experience and first contact with a work environment, it seemed perfect for me, I’m glad I chose to come to you and I hope you enjoyed working with me as much as I did I enjoyed working with you. Professionally, I won’t go into detail, I really learned a lot this summer and I’m very glad that I didn’t stay for nothing, I always came here with work ethic, determination, the desire to learn and curiosity and I tried to absorb as much as possible more from both the mentor and the others, to observe and analyze, to remember, to ask, to explain, to research, to do, to undo, so that after 3 months, I know that I have remained with something in the brain.

Loredana Avram – Politehnica University of Bucharest