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Romania is ranked 8 in Europe after the number of Internet users according to InternetWorldStats study. The online market in Romania has over 10 million users, the number of users increasing from one year to the next with 20%.

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Help us with this study?

Before buying online, you must inform about the potential of this market online: online promotion method, the type of website you buy advertising, the number of visitors, bounce rate, profile visitors, etc.

And before buying advertising you must be sure that you know what is advertising and what and what does it means to promote using online (websites, newsletters, e-mail) for the transmission of messages to a target audience. In the online environment, you can promote your business through advertising banners, contextual advertising and through ads in search engines.

iStockWhy choose our online advertising?
First of all because we can have a much better control over the investment made and will have immediate results after this investment. If we use the promotion in search engines using SEO results will appear after a few months (if you did a proper optimization). In addition there are a number of advantages in favor of online advertising: a better targeting (hours, geographical area, number of hits per user), the information provided may differ (by expandable banners), interacting with the potential client.


How do we purchase?

If you have decided in favor of online advertising, you will need to know and the modes of acquisition: CPM (Cost per Mille), CPC (Cost per Click) or CPA (Cost per Action).

1. CPM-Cost Per Mille or Cost per Impression. Online advertising to be purchased depending on the number of hits: 1 CPM = 1000 hits.

2. CPC-Cost Per Click. Online advertising to be purchased depending on the number of clicks on an advertisement (image, or animated text). For example advertising sold by Google-AdWords. adwords logo

3. CPA-Cost Per Action. Advertising after the number of predetermined actions performed by the user who sees advertising online: filling out a form online or buying a product that predetermined actions.

4. CPL-Cost Per Lead. The user follows the advertisement, log in, purchase a product, and thus the one who hosted advertisement receives a percentage of the cost of the product

What we purchase?

After knowing the benefits, how the payment has to be informed and what kind of advertising you pay. If you choose to be an entire banners typology: a floating ad, expanding ad, wallpaper,trick banner ad, pop-up, pop-under, banner ad, video.iStock_Small

Another study done by the advertising Market between 24 March and 1 April 2010 confirm that Romanians trust the advertisements present in the online environment: 42.7% find them useful as information displayed, and 13.6% are also influenced in buying products. Under these conditions, how you consider online advertising is: truth or dare?

End Soft Design offers online advertising on websites in the portfolio, but also on other sites in various fields.

A few websites in our portfolio and their traffic in the month of October:

News: unique visitors: 19 500 hits: 42 700

Weddings: unique visitors: 23 000 hits: 69 200

Medical domain: unique visitors: 3,000 hits: 30000

Online store: unique visitors: 35 hits: 4 000 000

Tourism: unique visitors: 15 hits: 5 000 000

Entertainment: unique visitors: 3 600 hits: 30000

Entertainment: unique visitors: 460 hits: 9 100

Tourism: unique visitors: 2000 hits: 7 500

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