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The product/service configurator is an online tool that allows buyers to interact and customize products/services to their desired specifications, ensuring that the final product/service is exactly what they want.

QUICK examples

Energy efficiency configurator

Display of energy solutions through an informative configurator to facilitate the selection of options.

Medical Analysis Configurator

Synevo anatomical table, a configurator that facilitates the selection of groups of laboratory tests according to the selected organ.


Various integrations, including with ERP.

Entertaining and inspirational through excellent visuals.

Small format and easier to implement.

Educate customers and demystify the product.

Minimize returns and increase trust.

Some top benefits when using a product configurator:

  • Integration with e-commerce sites, CRM and additional sales platforms.
  • Reducing errors during ordering and processing.
  • Simplifying the ordering process.
  • Take the guesswork out of the purchasing process for buyers.
  • It provides customers with real-time images of products.
  • Faster and more accurate quotes.
  • It streamlines the ordering process and improves communication with distributors.
  • Improved accuracy regarding inventory availability.
  • More time to focus on other important sales functions.

We design and engineer your system with individual configurations – whether in portrait or landscape style

The customer’s purchase decision can be propelled by several factors such as the possibility of choosing between options and features of a product/service, choosing them in real time, quickly receiving offers based on choices, but not only.

Allow customers to buy your products with confidence.
Increase conversion!

Integrating a web configurator into your site doesn’t have to be a difficult process. However, you need to understand what type of configurator will work best for your business. You also need to consider that as technology has evolved over the years, so have consumer needs and expectations.

We are here to guide and help you in the right choice and configuration, so that you make the best decision!

areas of applicability

Food and Lifestyle
Interior Design and Renovations
Ecommerce and Online Marketing
Logistics and Management
Hotelier and HoReCa
Energy and Efficiency
Smart Home
Medicine and Health

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