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End Soft Design offers professional promotional services for the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), and as proof we have a number of results we have gained over time.

Google regularly modifies the display algorithm, so there may be small differences between the data below and those displayed by Google when you read this article.

We offer a part of our SEO portfolio, updated in January 2018.

Nr. CrtWebsiteKey wordPosition Google.roCompeting web pages
1 medicale1772000
Companie multinationala – lider in piata de analize medicale de laboratorDictionar medical7554000
Laborator analize medicale2444000
2 si studii complexe de tip SEO pentru agentia lor de publicitate Ataxo din Polonia. Studiile au vizat optimizarea site-ului
3 profesionale16700000
bob lifturi12890000
lifturi santier1
inchiriere macarale5
inchirieri macarale7
macara turn2
pompa tencuiala3
inchiriere generator2
inchiriere generator electric2
generator de inchiriat2
inchiriere generatoare2
betoniere profesionale1
platforma autoridicatoare1
inchiriere platforma cabluri1
inchiriere schele6
4 Constanta12390000
Spital Municipal Constanta1412000
Spitalul Clinic Constanta12440000
Spitalul Constanta11900000
Spitalul de Urgenta Constanta1380000
Spitalul Judetean Constanta1287000
Spitalul Mare Constanta11180000
5 privata aeroport cluj2
parcare aeroport cluj3
parcare langa aeroport cluj3
6 corporate2896000
organizari evenimente
7 curcanilor414900
intarziere in dezvoltarea limbajului29520
logopedie alexia16790
logopedie bucuresti3209000
terapie logopedica5376000
9http://www.nldprofile.roCase pe structura metalica8164000
Profile metalice usoare10134000
10 pentru copii74130000
cursuri engleza copii5863000
tabara engleza114330000
cursuri de engleza pentru copii71080000
tabara de engleza11415000
engleza pentru incepatori copii14153000
cursuri de engleza cu certificat cambridge3195000
tabere in anglia5144000
11 ortopedice2196000
saltele saltex313300
12 garaj tip rulou2
usi de garaj tip rulou5
usi garaj tip rulou3
jaluzele de lemn7
jaluzele orizontale lemn3
13 de garaj6733000
usi garaj8927000
usi garaj rulou 6141000
usi de garaj tip rulou 2101000
usa garaj tip rulou 382800
usi garaj sectionale 19186000
14 biciclete bucuresti1
Magazin biciclete drumul taberei3
Magazin biciclete bucuresti7
Reparatii biciclete1

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Also, will present some results achieved in the past now archive.

If you do not make a permanent update of websites doubled by an SEO maintenance a website can not be kept in top-ends indefinitely.

Nr. CrtWebsiteKey wordPosition Google.roCompeting web pages
 Cea mai importanta companie de constructii romaneasca
(cu capital privat romanesc)
Fundatii speciale2365000
2 Inchirieri macarale6178000
  Taieri diamantate3602000
3 mireasa239900
  diademe mireasa145500
 Unul dintre portalurile de top decidacate nuntilor.nunti82720000
  texte invitatii nunta284100
4 rezidential8293000
  complex rezidential bucuresti2225000
  ansamblu rezidential bucuresti3220000
  octopus garden15800000
  octopus garden apartamente11490
  saci rafie1587000
  saci de rafie1770000
  saci polietilena1121000
  saci iuta117300
  saci polipropilena193800
  saci de iuta1687000
6 munte52060000
8http://www.badpolitics.rostiri romania726000000
9 complicite9196000
  colectia point mariage5228000000
10 herculane tratament7101000
  pensiune herculane8186000
11 pensiuni herculane cu piscina940900 Pronuptia2441000
  Colectia Complicite 2013317600000
  Colectia Point Mariage1228000000
12http://www.betoniere-profesionale.robetoniere profesionale1191400 lifturi517700
  lifturi santier585500
14 exterior13969000
  jaluzele de exterior2910000
15 lemn6781000
  jaluzele orizontale lemn8697000
  jaluzele din lemn31410000
  jaluzele orizontale din lemn791600
  jaluzele de lemn21410000
16 de garaj6733000
  usi garaj8927000
  usi garaj rulou6141000
  usi de garaj tip rulou2101000
  usa garaj tip rulou382800
  usi garaj sectionale19186000

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