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We guarantee a top 10 ranking on Google search engines for any keyword.

Many people are probably wondering what the trick is?
Many people say it is impossible to secure a position in top 10 on Google. It is very true. No one can guarantee a place in top 10 with the exception of Google engineers.
Yet, it is possible and we have proven it to our customers.

There is no trick!

We explain our way of working…


You can choose any key word you like ( it is preferable that we first make a research on the basis of which you can make the right choices).


We analyse both, your website and the actual level of popularity it has on web. At the same time, we thoroughly analyze the first 10 competing websites. Having this information, we build a report and begin to work.


We do the necessary modifications on your website so that it is in trend with the competition and then start promoting. At this stage some costs will appear, depending on the work volume.


We begin the active promotion stage. We usually establish two objectives : one of them is page 2-3 on Google and another one is TOP 10 Google.

End Soft Design offers you a unique way of working in Romania:

of these services!

You pay 30% of the value of SEO promotion when you reach positions between 11-30 (page 2 or 3 of Google) and the difference of 70% when you reach positions between 1-10 (first page of Google).

* In addition to the success bonus, a monthly budget is also required to cover promotion costs:
copywriters, SEO specialist, article acquisition.

In general, the budgets for this type of promotion are quite consistent.

The reason being the frequent change of Google’s algorithms and those who carry out this type of promotion must pay a lot of attention to small details so that the website is not affected over time by these changes. In other words, serious SEO promotion requires a long time and consistent effort.

The price is calculated according to the competition that keyword has on on the web.

The results can also be checked by you all the time by searching for the targeted words in Google.

It’s actually not a trick, following the steps above and our solid knowledge in this field we’ve shown that it can be done. Check our seo portfolio and you will find more examples of our success in this field.

A more than convincing example is our website which is in the top 5 on google for the word “web design” which has a competition of over 300,000,000 web pages (and many other words in our field).

As a rule, we perform this type of optimization only for the websites built by our agency.
We make exceptions only if the website proposed for optimization is well prepared for this difficult competition.

Our SEO Clients

Watch out for other offers
guaranteed for a TOP 10 position on Google!*

There are few companies that guarantee such positions. Yet, you must pay attention to them. For instance, there are companies that charge a monthly tax for optimisation services, keep half of the money and use the rest to advertise on Google addwords. The results are usually unsatisfactory, and when the contract is over, your website dissappears from the search engines.

Other companies guarantee for a top 10 on Google only for key words that THEY CHOOSE. It is not difficult to obtain this position for obscure words which in fact won’t have tangible results, and those positions won’t bring any benefit to your business.

A position on top 10 google has to be based on the key words that you choose and on those that have the best results for you. The position we talk about has to occur naturally, without sponsoring links paid for to the search engines.

Be present online for your potential customers!

We help you reach the right audience at the best time.