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Have you ever experienced that feeling when you write an email to, say, a travel agency where you expect an offer as quickly as possible or an online store where you are interested in a product or to a business partner from whom you expect a very urgent response and BANG the answer with all the information you needed is in your INBOX in the next 10 minutes?
Eh, this is what our collaboration with End Soft Design looks like. That’s how it was from the first moment and after a few years of collaboration, things haven’t changed at all. These people are so fast and prompt that you feel like thanking them every day that they exist and that our website is in the best hands. The Freeridebikes website is the product of the End Soft Design team and we are very proud of its design and functionality.

Free Ride Bikes

At the time when we started the creation of the new website of our company, we were not aware of the scale of such an undertaking. But as we now approach the end, I can only be grateful for the choice made just a few months ago, that of having the End Soft Design team by my side.
I found at End Soft an extremely professional team, always open to support us and put our ideas into practice, a team that quickly turned into a very good partner for the development of our project. From the very first discussions, they offered us solutions that complemented and improved our ideas in order to obtain a current website of the highest quality.
Although our project is now nearing completion, I believe that in the future, as we look to implement new and more extensive IT solutions, we will continue to choose to work with the End Soft Design team.

Popp & Asociații

I have been working for more than 7 years together with End Soft Design to grow my business. They have always lived up to our expectations, which are by no means low. I can say that they played very well the role of “IT department” both on the support side and on the development side. I have recommended him countless times to my relatives and I will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!

Expert Scaune / Exper Saltele

The collaboration between Synevo Romania and ENDD spans more than 8 years and is a real success. In the ENDD team we found a partner who helped us realize beautiful and innovative projects. Enthusiasm, flexibility and dedication are words that characterize them perfectly.

Laboratoarele Synevo România

Professionalism, promptness, but above all flexibility. These are the things we were looking for when we chose to work with End Soft. We found these qualities in them and they were confirmed to us during a collaboration that has lasted for more than 3 years. The collaboration with End Soft Design took place on several levels: creation of personalized websites (www.ih.ro and www.englezacopii.ro), adwords services, creation and development of the evaluation platform for students.
We found understanding regarding the customization of services according to our needs, assistance in any type of requested problems related to the website maintenance/improvement activity and resolving requests in the optimal time.

International House (IH)

IICCMER called on the services of the End Soft Design company to implement a new design for its main website www.iiccmer.ro. I made this choice among several offers because I noticed the seriousness and involvement of the team right from the prospecting stage. The quality-price ratio, compliance with the established deadlines and promptness in solving unforeseen problems confirmed to us that it was an inspired decision.

IICCMERInstitutul de Investigare a Crimelor Comunismului și Memoria Exilului Românesc.

The End Soft Design team lived up to their promises and all the problems that arose were resolved in due time. We are very pleased to have discovered this company that can actually build something in the online environment that you can then be proud of as a beneficiary.
Thank you once again and we wish that there will be the same solicitude in the future.

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