End Soft Design

endd_bigOur web design company was launched on the Romanian market in the summer of 2007. At that time the team was formed by a designer, a programmer and project manager. Now things are different.

This is one of the first version of our site (vs. 2.7), launched in autumn 2007. We keep it  as a  souvenir.


Version 3.1 was released in on January 15, 2008 and is the one you can browse now. Unfortunately we had no time to deal with our clothes while the team increased.

Currently we are undergoing redesign for version 4. We hope to succeed as soon as possible to bring it to light.

As mentioned above, as shown by the portfolio, we evolved. WE began timidly, we made ​​mistakes (but we learned from them); we tried to be up to date with technology and now we have made ​​very interesting projects and satisfied customers.

At the moment our team includes 13 people divided by departments: programming, graphic design, flash animation and online marketing. We have good people at all. Each knows his place and working well. In time we learned to work as a whole as a team of different people but with the same passion. In fact the passion we share helped us move forward. At this point we are able to approach any project.

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