Webdesign prices

The price is of less importance to us but we need to discuss about this, too. preturi webdesign

What is less important?

Because we love what we do and our personal achievements can not be bought. We are proud of them and try to improve ourselves constantly. This helps us to offer our customers quality projects.

Each individual project is discussed only after thorough analysis of specifications.


How we work:

  • We make 2-3 versions, as a picture, to sketch your future site
  • We conducted a study on the keywords that can bring customers on your website
  • We establish technical specifications best suited for your site. So far, it does not cost anything
  • We set the cost for the design
  • We set a price for the programming
  • The promotion and search engine optimization of your site, is made make in three stages:
    • In the first stage, site optimization is achieved since the construction phase;
    • In the second stage, depending on the chosen keywords, we set a time frame for achieving a position on top 30 on Google. The payment is done only if this objective is achieved;
    •  The third step is to set up the objective to reach a position in top 10 on Google. This payment is also done only if the objective is achieved.

We propose a domain name and buy it for you.
For sites designed by us we can also make proposals for hosting it.
Monthly Maintenance and Optimization.

We know we have not discussed anything about webdesign prices, but a site is more than an expensive shirt that fits you or not. We don’t want to display prices like between 300 and 600, between 500 and 900 over 1000 …. Therefore we want to build the site according to the right price. 🙂

Let’s take the first steps together (however not cost anything) just send us a brief message, we will do the rest.

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