Website creation for mobile devices = RWD

Website creation for mobile devices = RWD

In recent years, trends of accessing websites and applications on Internet through increasingly varied display devices stirred the site owners who want to have a great website -accessible from any type of device, from large displays (desktop or laptop, and more recently, smart TVs) to those with low displays (smartphones and maybe even smartwatches).

In order to get a site that offers the same quality and navigation conditions regardless of the device on which it is accessed, there are two options; namely either designing a separate website for mobile devices, or using Responsive Web Design (RWD), the most fashionable version; although the initial effort is quite significant, progressively it gets easier to work with it.

What does responsive design involve?

First of all, responsive design involves a different organization of the site in fluid grids, which slide against each other depending on the screen resolution from which it is accessed, versatile elements, flexible images, the site also having the ability to recognize the size of the device and choose the optimal display for a superior browsing experience.

of responsive websites


Simple sharing
Shared URL, regardless of the device on which the site is accessed.


The site self-adapts to any type of device.


Best user-experience
Optimal navigation for any resolution.


NO duplicate content
There is a unique content without having to display the same content on different links.

Disadvantages of responsive websites

The cost of deploying is higher than for a classic site, given that fixed grids are dropped and it is basically necessary to organize the site to be as accessible on any type of device.

How can we help?


End Soft Design is part of the IT company group that allocates time and resources to continuously improve the quality of delivered products, whether it’s web site creation, web hosting, and so on.


We can already boast with a whole range of responsive sites, sites that our customers are particularly satisfied with, both in terms of adaptability and navigation.


To request a price quotation for your existing website, modified with RWD, or a new responsive website, please send us a message via the contact form.

Here are some examples of responsive web design
websites created by us

Zebra Collection

Zebra is the leading IKEA competitor in the Nordic countries. A modern, customer-oriented company, mindful of the market’s evolution, the requirements and needs of its partners, and especially committed to incorporating originality and modernity, considered the responsive approach to be useful to achieving their goals.

Copy Zone

The Copyzone website is a combination of an online store and a website presenting services and works. It was created with responsive design to allow visitors to obtain a large amount of information with minimal effort, quickly and conveniently.

POPP & Asociații

The new Popp & Asociații website is one of the latest important projects carried out by the End Soft Design team. We wanted a completely new website from the very beginning, with a unique, modern design that would allow simple, intuitive navigation for users and with responsive adaptability.

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