Website Maintenance

Monthly website
maintenance services

Subscription costs vary depending on the number of monthly interventions, the desired response time, the number of hours allocated monthly, dedicated contacts, etc.
There is no fixed price.

Below we provide a list of maintenance services that our team can offer:

Number of monthly interventions included in the subscription: 2 – 300

Maximum response times for any request: between 4-48 working hours (if the resolution of received requests is greater than 3 working hours, the response time may be longer). The shorter the desired response time, the higher the value of the contract.

Total number of hours allocated monthly: 1 hour minimum – but they also provide subscriptions with several dozens of hours included.

Server Administration: Add / Remove Emails, Add / Remove Domains, E-mail / Server Maintenance Specific Service.

Daily backup for 30 days (only if the website is hosted on End Soft Design servers).

Quick recovery in case of ciber-attacks (using copies made available by the client or copies from their own base – these depend on the frequency of back-up provided by the hosting package).

Voucher system to track your requests with the ability to evaluate our team’s prowess and attention as well as the ticket history. The system will provide an access interface for monitoring them.

Updating your website by content: texts; products; pictures; Movies received from you (as specified).

Support and consultancy for further development.

Traffic monitoring and reporting on the number of visits, visitors, pages and keywords most searched on the website. Reports will be emitted and transmitted in PDF format from your Google Analytics account.

Improved web site security with regular compliance checks.

Technical support and assistance for using the CMS used by your website.

Website changes according to your requests: edit button names / menus, add / remove menus, add remove pages, insert code received from you, etc.  Careful! These services do not include the development of new modules or new functionalities for the website (we will send a quotation for them).

Telephone support included.

Concepție și redactare texte pentru website sau comunicate de presă (pornind de la specificațiile dumneavoastră).

Drafting and editing texts for your website or press releases (based on your specifications).

Support people with the possibility to be contacted directly.

Moderation forum or blog services.

Newsletter transmission services. We do not offer e-mail address databases.

Graphic template for the newsletter.

Periodic verification of site functionality (uploading pages, testing internal and external links, testing contact forms, customer accounts, or shopping cart – for online stores).

Facebook Administration

Any request will be rounded to 30-minute tranches (eg a 17-minute request will be registered as a 30-minute consumption). Exceeding subscription hours is charged at 35 Euro / hour. Overtime is calculated every three months (in the case of exceeding the total number of hours for 3 months, an invoice will be issued for the hours calculated as a difference).

Each request will be recorded with a ticket number that can be checked at any time. Contacting our phone team is recommended to be used only in emergencies (virused website, operating server problems, etc.) or if your subscription includes this feature.

Hours contracted and unused within 3 months are not rolled over.

You can always opt for changes in your subcription package. We are here to discuss it with you!

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