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We guarantee a positioning in top 10 on Google search engines for any keyword.

Probably many people are asking what is the trick?

Many people will say that it is not possible to warrant a position in top 10 on Google. It is very true. No one can guarantee a spot in the top 10 except for the engineers at Google.

However it is possible and we have demonstrated this to our clients.

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In the middle there is no trick, therefore, we shall explain how we work

1. You can choose any key words (preferably is to do a study on the basis of which to make suitable choices).

2. We analyze your website as well as the current level of promotion it has on the web. At the same time we analyze in detail the top 10 competing websites. Based on this information, we build a report and we start working.

3.We make the necessary changes on your website so as it is in trend of direct competition and we start the promotion. This stage generates some costs, depending on the volume of work.

4. We start promoting. Usually, we set two objectives: first to get on the 2-3 page from google and the second to get on Google TOP 10.

You pay us the amounts agreed only when these objectives have been achieved. Optimizare Site

The price is calculated according to the competition that a keyword has on on the web. The results can be checked by yourself at any time looking on Google for your targeted words.

In fact there is no trick by following the steps above and our solid knowledge in this area have shown that it can be done. Check out our seo portfolio and you will find several examples of our success in this area. An example more than convincing is our website which is on the top 5 on Google for the keyword “web design” which has a competition of over 300,000,000 web pages (and many other words from our field).

However, you must be careful to other guaranteed deals for a position on the TOP 10 on Google

For example, there are a few companies that guarantee such positions. However, you must carefully check out these offers. Are for example companies who charge a monthly fee for optimization services; they keep half of the money and with the other half they advertise for you on Google AdWords. The results are vaguely satisfying, but usually are, and when you finish your contract the website disappears from the search engines.

Other companies offer guarantees for TOP 10 on Google but only for the keywords they choose. It is not difficult to obtain these positions for obscure words which actually will not bring concrete results and these positions will not bring any benefit to your business.

Positioning on TOP 10 on Google should be for your chosen keywords and for those who will bring the best results. Positioning of which we speak must be done naturally without paid sponsored links search engine.

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