Restaurant with European specifics, recently renovated, 4Friends represents one of the famous culinary landmarks of Constanta. Offering a wide range of products and culinary preparations, as well as a varied range of services, 4Friends welcomes its customers in a pleasant, relaxing, modern atmosphere, perfectly adapted for any taste and for any occasion.


The team was faced with a vast assortment, with an impressive palette of services that needed to be organized as logically and easily accessible both on devices with a large display (PC or laptop) and on devices with a small diagonal ( tablet or phone) managing not to deprive any of the company’s customers, regardless of the device used to place orders.


The menu is structured both by days and by price level or culinary preference, based both on the choice from the list and on typing the name of the product, which greatly facilitates the use of the site by customers. The dynamics of the design does not slow down the loading of the site, and allows convenient access to both the culinary products and the services of the company, being at the same time modern and attractive.