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Dr. Marius Negru is an orthopedic surgeon, specialized in the management and surgical treatment of conditions that can occur in the shoulders, elbows or hands. These pains are often ignored and can even cause serious diseases of the upper limbs, which patients can avoid with a routine visit to Dr. Marius Negru. He wanted a site that would allow him to communicate more easily with patients, but at the same time impose professionalism and safety.

ABOUT Dr. Marius Negru

Dr. Marius Negru focused on orthopedics and later specialized in the surgical treatment of pain occurring mainly in the area of the upper limbs. Years of experience in this field allow him to be able to treat even the most complex ailments with great care, succeeding in giving back to his patients the mobility of another time, through effective surgical operations. Mr. Doctor can offer specialized opinions and complete solutions to anyone who is facing an upper limb problem.


In order to highlight the medical side of the site and to emphasize the fact that the services offered are primarily dedicated to active people and especially to those who practice sports, we have incorporated dynamic, medical colors integrated into the website’s graphics. I also chose suggestive pictures, which lead the thought in the same direction and which express professionalism and efficiency from all points of view.


In order to give users the opportunity to make appointments with Dr. Marius Negru much more easily, we created the contact form, which we integrated into several pages. These forms allow potential patients to have faster access to the services offered and also facilitate communication between the doctor and patients. At the same time, by completing them, users will be able to ask questions to the doctor, to which they will later receive personalized answers.

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