Alver Green


The company founded in 2014, Alver Green brings to the Romanian market, in addition to a rich assortment that includes household and cleaning products, disposable items, cleaning bags, detergents, paper items, etc., and over 10 years of experience in the field sales and the benefit of a long period in which attention to the customer is an end in itself.


The design made by us is based on the modern approach to the way the company’s products are presented. In addition to the classic elements, with intuitive filters and categories, a more efficient structuring of the products has been achieved, much more accessible to potential future Alver Green customers. For example: Products recommended for restaurants.


The elements used aimed to offer the possibility of accessing the site from any type and size of display, facilitating site navigation through the logical ordering of products. Every future Alver Green customer comes intuitively, contextually and visually in contact with the company’s products. The “REQUEST A QUOTATION” function significantly facilitates the increase in conversions.