B2B platform – Ion Moș


ION MOȘ is a family brand, which was established in 1992 in Bucharest and which over time has specialized in the supply of products and ingredients for the food industry.

Thus, thanks to the perseverance, the quality of the products and the professionalism they have shown, they are today present in 20 countries around the world. With a total of three factories for dry mixes in Romania, the company managed to develop and reach an annual turnover of 23 million euros.

ABOUT Cuisine Expert

Cuisine Expert is a branch of the ION MOȘ company, which has 29 years of experience in the food industry and boasts advanced knowledge in everything related to the kitchen. Therefore, Cuisine Expert proposes spices and other unique aromatic solutions that perfectly match even the most creative and original dishes. The brand offers a varied selection of spices, which will surely conquer even the most sophisticated tastes.


The ION MOȘ company asked us to integrate the B2B platform into the website of their new brand “Cuisine Expert” and implement a functional e-commerce solution. They also wanted to create a unique design for the new site, in which we introduce interesting navigation and product presentation elements, by interspersing them in recipes. The B2B platform allows instant communication between multiple WordPress platforms, so that the customer has access to information such as the price and stock of a particular product, in real time.


We chose to interconnect the B2B platform with the SAP ERP so that it has access to information about the stocks and prices of the products that a customer is interested in. Thus, after connecting to the site, they can see the personalized prices, both in the e-commerce solution, which was developed on WordPress and Woocommerce, and on the B2B platform.





The B2B application centralizes products with preferential prices for each customer, stocks and general information for each product. Another important component is the Customers module that allows discounts depending on the payment method, the type of contract and the selection of the responsible sales agent depending on the customer’s county. The Orders module centralizes all orders from both the website and the application. The B2B application communicates through an API with the WooCommerce website for retrieving login information, retrieving preferential prices from B2B and displaying them after logging in, and for sending orders in the B2B application.