The new website Copyzone is one of the newest projects made by the End Soft Design team.

The Copyzone website is a combination of an online store and a services and works presentation site. The focus for this website has been on the online store that allows the user to choose the attributes for each product and the website also offers product suggestions for the users.


Copyzone is a printing center that offers several services: plotting, personalization of objects, digital printing, outdoor advertising production, stamps, personalized gifts. Copyzone stands out for its attention to detail and quality. It offers all the usual processes such as cutting and rounding corners, assembling, drilling, filing and broaching, but also matte and glossy lamination.


Because the old site was no longer functional, updated and easy to use, the client wanted to present the printing and copying center in an online store with a new design, but also to present services and works that were not fully known to customers. The desired result is an increase in the number of visitors to the website and an increase in the number of online sales.


We presented in a more organized way the various services that the client offers and our experience in online stores was useful for the special functionalities used in this field. Another important point was the use of an attractive design specific to a printing center. We started the design from the existing logo which gave us a graphic direction specific to the printing domain.