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Dr. Mihai Râșcu, arthroscopic surgery specialist in orthopedic conditions and sports traumatology, came to us with the request to do a website redesign to reflect the change of brand and website to content based on the new responsive online trends. We collaborated with his team to create a new design that captures this change.

ABOUT Dr. Mihai Râșcu

Dr. Mihai Râșcu, Medic primar Ortopedie, Traumatologie Sportivă. Asistent Unviersitar.


To bring out the medical side of the site and in addition to looking for aesthetic improvements, his team was looking to make a substantial change in the tone of medical services, moving away from orthopedic news and advice to a more specific information and medicine brand surgical.


We started with an extensive Discovery process that included a deep analysis of existing Google Analytics data and an audit of the site’s existing CMS and templates.
Based on our findings, we began the design process by presenting several directions for the home page. Over the next two months, I worked closely with his team to design the most responsive ads and graphics to pass on to the in-house development team.

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