The beginning of Hostland can be described as a real start-up.

It all started in a small apartment in 2011, where 2 friends passionate about the online environment decided to start their own web hosting business in response to web design requests from clients.


Solicitarea inițială a echipei a fost pentru a proiecta o identitate vizuală potrivită pentru comunicarea de marcă pe partea digitală, întruchipând valorile și misiunea reînnoită. Apoi servicii au fost extinse către Adwords, SEO precum și rebranding-ul website-ului la noii tendințe minimaliste.


  • Identitate de brand
  • Servicii de analiză
  • SEO
  • Adwords
  • Design vizual
  • Dezvoltare


A design approach close to the usual communication canons of the sector allowed us to develop an immediate visual system focused on concrete hosting services. We developed the website capable of telling a story in a young and elegant way. The End Soft Design team is still working on promoting, optimizing and developing the website.




The website has been designed for multiple screen sizes, ensuring that the user gets a unified experience across devices and platforms.