The company with over 15 years of experience in marketing, maintenance and advice/consulting, authorized dealer for the purchase of Husqvarna equipment, LaCosma recently decided to upgrade its own brand, as well as to modernize/reorganize the website. With a varied offer both in terms of destination and technical parameters, the company turned to our team requesting a user-friendly site adapted to current market requirements.


Having such a vast offer, LaCosma requested an airy website, a filter that would allow easy finding of the requested products, and our team offered a modern graphic, a menu completely reorganized and structured according to the behavior of the company’s customers, a basket with high accessibility and easy purchase, under responsive design conditions.


We have adapted the site for both home buyers and professionals, offering any category of buyers sufficient information and a clear structure for the purchase of LaCosma equipment or services.

In addition to these, the shopping cart has One Step Checkout, a simple method of purchase, and the website offers instant information through the x-ray of the products.


We excel in crafting brands and visual identities, designing digital products and websites, and creating bespoke WordPress themes.


We have a passion for design centered around user experience, creating meticulously crafted brands, and developing tailor-made WordPress themes.


Logo Design

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