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MarcoShop is a brand that made its place on the furniture market in 2007. Since then, the company has expanded, and today it sells about 10,000 pieces of furniture with various variations, ideal for homes or offices. The company brings interior design to life through high-quality, modern products that are made from exceptional materials.

ABOUT Marcoshop

The website offers a very varied range of products such as home and office furniture, made both in series and to order. In addition, it offers a diverse range of modern-looking pieces that can be customized according to the customer’s preferences.


The people here showed us the site with over 10,000 products that had a lot of color or model variations. So, given the fact that the website was accessed by tens of thousands of monthly visitors, it was necessary to reorganize it. The online store was created on the WordPress platform, and we were asked for a complete e-commerce solution with various specific features, especially regarding product selection. We have also been asked for online marketing services.


In order to achieve a very good result, we created a new website graphic, much more modern and better organized. Later, we also took care of the actual development of the website using the actual graphics, with many elements made as customized as possible for this project. We have also made various integrations in the site, such as the Callpage option, the possibility to update prices by product category or various customized import export options. Also, all products were transferred from the Magento platform (on which the old website was built).

Ecommerce Solutions