More than a presentation website, a visual experience for Prodesign Engineering & Construction, one of the most experienced and respected design and consulting firms in Romania.

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is a renowned brand in the architectural field from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, which has been developing projects in various industries for years. Their constructions are characterized by durability, efficiency, aesthetics and functionality, so that over time, the company has been able to complete some of the most complex projects, achieving the desired results. The company is always aware of the latest trends in the architectural and technological fields, successfully managing to merge the two into resistant buildings.

ABOUT ProDesign

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is a brand that has set out to transform the construction industry through intelligent design and aims to combine modern technologies and market demands with impeccable aesthetics. Thus, today, the company boasts offices both in the Republic of Moldova and in Romania and with a rich portfolio of projects, the team of architects being ready to respond positively to a new challenge that puts their creativity to the test.


The PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION team came to us with some requirements related to the presence of the company in the virtual environment. So the people here wanted a site that was more than just a website. The company wanted their online portfolio to be a real experience for users who access the platform, and at the same time, among their requirements was the presentation of the services they offer in the most original way possible.


Although the project that PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION proposed involved a lot of creativity, we realized from the very beginning that we would have to organize ourselves as well as possible to meet the procedures and deadlines imposed. Afterwards, we made a sketch with them of how we visualized the new site and starting from this we tried to combine the elements of imagination with the strict requirements of web design and we achieved an exceptional result.