Stil Ambalaj


Stil Ambalaj is a company established 10 years ago, which since its first appearance on the market until today is characterized by several precise values.

The experience, the quality of the products and the desire for evolution are just some of the reasons why the brand has known success since the first months of operation. With a team of passionate people behind it, Stil Ambalaj is among the customers’ favorites when it comes to efficient packaging or storage solutions.

ABOUT Stil Ambalaj

The experience accumulated by the Stil Ambalaj team in the 10 years of activity is proof of the professionalism and efficiency with which they work. Their desire to always respond positively and quickly to all customer requirements, as well as the adaptability with which the brand adapts to new changes in the field, are reasons why Stil Ambalaj has won its place on the market. Moreover, the value for money and the varied range of products are also features that have helped them achieve success!


From the first discussions, the Stil Ambalaj team requested a complete change of the visual identity and the development of a new website, based on the presentation of the product range. Thus, the goal pursued was the reinvention of the brand, but also the incorporation of the B2B platform, which would facilitate the process of receiving and placing orders, both for the team and for customers. We wanted to implement a technological solution that would offer the user a pleasant experience from all points of view.


The first thing we did in this project was to establish and identify the objectives and the end goal we were aiming for. Starting from these, we created a blueprint based on which we designed and built an online store with B2B facilities, which emphasizes the wide range of products, but also the values and beliefs of the company. The story of each product is presented with the help of the blog, where users have access to a lot of important information.