Synevo România


A real performance for a website in the medical field, to which the End Soft Design team also contributed during the 8 years of collaboration.

Presentation website and medical portal for the Synevo Romania Company. is a Complex portal, in continuous development, which contains animated intro, presentation of the company and its locations, medical dictionary in the list of medical services and much more.

Project details

  • Html, php, mysql, flash, action script and ajax.
  • Web 2.0 concept, without html tables, with information outsourced in css files. Modular construction easily upgradeable.
  • The website contains an administration module (CMS) through which the administrator can add pages or articles, pictures, links, etc.
  • Hosting: End Soft Design

Body Mass Index – BMI

Body mass calculator that generates prevention analysis packages based on everyone’s profile at a reduced price.

Anatomical plate

The Synevo anatomical chart is an application with a responsive design that facilitates the selection of analysis groups depending on the selected organ.