WORDPRESS – probably one of the best graphics software online. A 100% Romanian software!

The End Soft Design team developed the Graphics Jukebox, this web software that addresses both beginners and professionals in digital graphics, providing them with a “bank” of useful graphic elements, fonts and formats, to help them in the production of graphic products of superior quality in the shortest possible time, without much effort, ready for print.

ABOUT Tonomatograph

Tonomatograph (the site) offers the opportunity to create your customized graphic design products, bringing inside to a graphical template, your chosen images, fonts, texts, colors and symbols. In this way, the final product will be the result of your own choices.

Final products purchased and downloaded from this site are high quality PDF vector digital files “print ready prepared” and PNG file ( for web publishing ).


Currently only the Desktop version. We are also working on the version of the application for mobile devices. The multiple combinations that this program allows ensure the uniqueness of the products on the market, both in terms of the color palette, dimensions, orientation, appearance and design.The platform is designed to be easy to use, having modern design elements in the database, allowing at the same time the inclusion of personal elements in the finished product.


The versatility of the program allows covering a wide area of fields of use, allowing the development of a product that will faithfully meet the requirements of any customer, no matter how specific or general they may be. For example, graphic materials can be created for social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. or professional HD presentations, business cards and many other materials. For all these categories there are templates to make your work easier.